Pairing Dental Practices with Traveling Specialists

Synergy Specialists is a full-service platform that pairs independent dental practice owners with high caliber traveling dental specialists to create profitable partnerships and enhance the patient experience.

Matching Dental Practices with Traveling Specialists

Synergy Specialists is a full-service platform that matches independent dental practice owners with high caliber traveling dental specialists to create profitable partnerships and enhance the patient experience.

Agency for Dental Specialists

A Platform for Dental Professionals

Synergy Specialists is a nationwide platform that specializes in pairing dental practice owners with traveling dental specialists to form long term partnerships and create an in-house specialty experience for patients. From your initial inquiry to the completion of the first specialty treatment, our experienced administrative team will guide you through every step. With our proven preparation process, we will ensure all equipment and supplies are on site for a successful day one.

How it Works

Add a specialist to your practice in 3 easy steps
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To begin the pairing process, sign up to become a member of Synergy Specialists. There is absolutely no cost to join or to be paired.
Match With A Dental Specialist



Our highly trained staff will utilize our extensive dental network to create the ideal connection to match both parties’ needs to skill sets and arrange the initial introduction.
Prepare For Day One



When a successful Pair has been created, our team will guide both parties through our proven preparation process to ensure your first specialty day together is a success.

Our Services

Matching for Dental Practice Owners and Specialists

Matching for Practice Owners and Specialists

We utilize our nationwide network of dental professionals to create ideal pairings that align both the needs of the dental practice owner to the specialist with the right skill set and availability. Synergy Specialists will be there to guide you through the entire process for a successful first day of treatment.

Services - Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management & Specialty Billing

Many dental professionals experience challenges with old outstanding receivables, low collection rates and specialty claims. Hiring additional staff to address these burdens is often not practical or cost effective. Synergy Specialist's team of dental billing experts can provide your practice with both short and long term solutions that are seamless and affordable.

Services - Insurance Participation Optimization

Dental Practice Team

The Synergy Specialists training program will transform the way you do business. We have developed a unique set of tools and processes that will help keep your focus on your business and operate at your highest potential. Our experienced trainers will review your needs and pain points to design a program that will create success.

Services - Credentialing


Credentialing specialists for your dental practice can be a difficult and time-consuming process. Common mistakes will lead to delays which can cost you money. If you don’t have a dedicated credentialing team, Synergy Specialists will manage the process for you to create a painless, successful pairing.

Services - Dental Supplies Procurement

Supplies Procurement

Obtaining the best dental supplies on time and on budget can be a frustrating part of your day. Through our unique partnerships with vendors throughout the dental industry, Synergy Specialists can open the doors to incredible discounts and access to the dental supplies that are right for you.

The Synergy Impact


Dental Practice Owners

Elevate the level of patient care and boost profits for your dental practice with a seamless integration with a highly skilled specialist.


Traveling Dental Specialists

Fill your work schedule with productive treatment days without incurring the cost or hassle of private practice.

What Our Practices Are Saying

Synergy Specialists is creating a massive difference for independent dental practices across the country. Join today to be our next successful match.
Dr. Josh Shayefar

The team at Synergy Specialists really took me under their wing ever since I graduated from residency. They've been an incredible resource to me in every way, shape, and form. They have helped me secure periodontal opportunities, connected me with incredible mentors and colleagues, and gave me the confidence to succeed in a very competitive market. I wouldn't be where I am today in terms of my growth and development without them.

Dr. Josh Shayefar
Dr. Shanne Shastiel

I met Synergy shortly before I officially graduated from the UCSF program. I can honestly say it was a game changer in boosting my career from the get go. Their culture and community has helped me excel by meeting more quality private gp practices in areas I would have a difficult time reaching.

Dr. Shanne Shastiel
Periodontist - Southern California
15 Practices with Synergy
Dr. Sirish Makan

I have been working with Synergy for a few years now. I met them as a recent graduate moving to a new area. Synergy was a tremendous help establishing a network of offices and suppliers that I never would have encountered alone. Because of Synergy, I was able to work outside of the DSO umbrella with offices that allow me to practice in the way that I feel is best for the patient

Dr. Sirish Makan
Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon - Palos Verdes, CA
Dr. Paul Bilovsky

Starting in 1975 I owned my own private OMS practice until 2013 when I sold the practice. I then joined Synergy Specialists, working in general practice offices about once or twice a month. I am the original specialist and OMS who joined the network in 2013, working with the Co-Founder Darius Somekhian. At that time we started to develop relationships with private GP offices, generating specialty referrals within their offices. I have found this arrangement to be very satisfying professionally and personally.

Dr. Paul Bilovsky
Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon - Encino, CA
Dr. Hamid Nadi, DDS

I met Synergy about a few years ago. We we're looking into bringing in an Oral Surgeon for our practice in the desert and it was not very easy. Synergy was able to find us the right surgeon and coordinate all the credentialing taking the burden off my office staffs hands. I think they are a great resource and concierge service for helping practice owners to incorporate specialty.

Dr. Hamid Nadi, DDS
Palm Desert, CA
Servicing 4 specialists in 3 practices through Synergy
Dr. Robert Lund

I had met Synergy after I sold my private practice a few years prior. I tell them this all the time, they changed my career for the best. I wish I had met them before, their advice and guidance has helped as much if not more than the terrific practices they match me with. Before I had met Synergy, I found it very difficult to find practices. My favorite part about working with Synergy as a traveling endodontist is that they act as a middleman which helps to alleviate a ton of potential time wasted and abbreviation trying to coordinate.

Dr. Robert Lund
Endodontist - Woodland Hills, CA
Servicing 15 Practices throughout all of CA
Anonymous Testimonial

I had met Synergy at a point where my home was in foreclosure status and ever since then I was able to meet so many practices through Synergy which enabled my income to get back up to what it was in the heyday of my private practice.

Endodontist - Central Valley, CA
Full time 20 days / month with Synergy
Trey Tepichin

You guys are Heroes

Trey Tepichin
CEO & Co-founder of CloudDentistry
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